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7 Milwaukee Police Officers And 1 Supervisor Stripped of Power Because of Misconduct

Seven Milwaukee police officers and a supervisor with a long history of misconduct complaints have been stripped of their police powers after several people complained about invasive body searches.  The searches are being investigated as potential sexual assaults and civil rights violations.

The supervisor at the center of the investigation is Sgt. Jason Mucha, who has been investigated in the past after suspects accused him of beating them and planting drugs on them, according to police and court records.

  1. trollny-stark said: Truth.
  2. teleporting-tacos reblogged this from trollny-stark and added:
    Wow. I’m surprised too, but it’s a small step forward, anyway.
  3. trollny-stark reblogged this from wisconsinforward and added:
    NGL, I’m surprised that these cops are even facing sanctions.
  4. zorlock reblogged this from mohandasgandhi and added:
    the only thing surprising about it is that these popos are even being prosecuted. the mass incarceration of Black people...
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    This subtracts 4 points from Wisconsin.
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    MPD has consistently ranked in the top 5 departments in the United States for corruption, misconduct, and police...
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    I love it when corrupt cops get what they deserve.
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