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Meet the Woman Who’s Poised to Become America’s First Openly Gay Senator


If she’s elected she’ll become, at the tender age of 50, the first female senator from Wisconsin and also the country’s first openly gay senator. No pressure! She’ll also be a very powerful ally in the fight to protect the rights of women from being hacked to death by axe-wielding Republicans. So you’ll want to get onboard the Tammy train now, that way if and when she hits the Senate you can say you knew her way back when.

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(Source: anticapitalist)

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    Tammy Baldwin is my idol. No lie. Best thing to come out of my state since ever.
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    I want to move to Wisconsin so I can vote for her.
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    honestly, i’m worried about rep. baldwin’s ability to win a state campaign. she is wonderful and qualified, but we are...
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