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Members of the International Union of Operating Engineers are on strike in Shorewood, Wisconsin (a suburb of Milwaukee) because VJS, the general contractor for a major development project, refuses to hire certified crane operators.  Instead, VJS hired uncertified workers to operate the crane using a remote so they can “multi-task” and do other projects on the construction site.  

I brought coffee to the union members this afternoon and they were incredibly grateful.  It’s 30 degrees and miserable outside today, and it’s a rough time of year to be on strike.  Milwaukee folks, if you have a chance to swing by and drop off coffee or just offer a word of encouragement, I’m sure the union members would be grateful.  

If you’re not in Milwaukee but would like to offer support, perhaps consider calling in a pizza order?  Ian’s Pizza (414-727-9200) will deliver to the picket line (4060 N. Oakland Avenue).  Especially after the holiday weekend and as we enter a new year, it would be nice to show those on strike some support.

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