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How Americans for Prosperity Campaigns Without Leaving a Paper Trail

A report from the Sunlight Foundation:

Less than three hours after Democrat Tom Barrett conceded the $63 million-and-counting contest to Gov. Scott Walker, Americans for Prosperity, the big spending conservative group, sent an email to supporters hailing Walker’s win and including a video highlight reel about “how AFP educated Wisconsin residents about Governor Walker’s budget reforms.”

So how much has AFP reported spending on the Wisconsin campaign?  According to Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, the agency that tracks campaign expenditures in the state, nada. “AFP has not registered with us,” reports Reid Magney, a spokesman for the GAB. 

Nor is it likely to do so. Americans for Prosperity, which reported revenues of $22 million in 2010, claims immunity from such paperwork because, it is a non-profit organization…

In case there was any doubt:

 ”Together, we’ve helped restore prosperity to the Badger State,” the AFP email closed. “Now, onto the rest of America.” In case that was too subtle, the embedded video ended with three words on the screen: November Is Coming.”

Herman Cain Faces Potential Campaign Finance and Tax Law Violations

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel broke the news about the questionable connection between a Wisconsin firm and the leading Republican candidate’s campaign.

Interestingly, Mark Block, Cain’s chief of staff and the man smoking in the creepy ad, is a Wisconsinite with a history of political scandal (he was banned from Wisconsin politics for 3 years because of fraud!).  He also has ties to the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity.

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Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, talking to Rachel Maddow about the Koch brothers/Americans for Prosperity backing Herman Cain.  Great interview.


Follow the money.

This film and investigation connects the dots and reveals why the Koch brothers are trying to end public education and how their wealth winds up in the hands of Jim Crow. Watch the video, then call David Koch and tell him to stop funding school resegregation now. His number is 212-319-1100. 

Update: Scott Walker, “Education Policy Expert”

Yesterday I posted about Scott Walker being the featured speaker on education policy for a group I wasn’t familiar with, the American Federation for Children.  I was in complete disbelief that anyone (well, besides Walker-advocate Michelle Rhee) would consider Walker some sort of expert on education. After all, this is a man who recently answered the question “why do you hate education” with the response: "Well, for us, the answer is that I love education."

Turns out, the American Federation for Children is linked to the Koch brothers-funded “Prosperity Network.”  The group has recently become heavily involved in Wisconsin politics, even sponsoring robo-calls to discourage people from recalling Republicans.  And making the Governors they support ”keynote speakers” at their ”policy summit” is their M.O…just ask Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett

The Koch brothers sent out-of-state agitators to Wisconsin to tell residents to go to hell.  Wisconsin responds.

Breitbart to Wisconsinites: Go To Hell

There weren’t that many people there and there’s not much reporting on this but I thought it was pretty damn funny.  Andrew Breitbart was speaking before Sarah Palin came on at the capitol today, and he was so tired of being drowned out by boos that he screamed “GO TO HELL!” four times fast and then snarled before he introduced Palin. And then she proceeded to get bombarded twice as badly.

Randy Hopper’s Persuasion Partner?

Oh, my. Perfectly named state senator, perfectly named lobbying firm.  Republican Sen. Randy Hopper is allegedly no longer residing in the district he represents; instead, he’s shacking up with his 25-year-old mistress, a lobbyist whose firm represents Americans for Prosperity.