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If I lived in Wisconsin, I would be uncomfortable with this man, whom I find more Nixonian than even Richard Nixon himself (the authoritarian leader with whom I was, and am, so very familiar).

--John W. Dean, who served as counsel to President Nixon. 

Good Luck Wisconsin, You've Got A Classic Authoritarian Governor

John Dean served in the Nixon administration as Counsel to the President from 1970-1973.  He has studied authoritarian personality types in politics (along with Robert Altemeyer) and authored the book Conservatives Without Conscience.  And in his column for Justia this week (linked above) he assessed whether Gov. Scott Walker displays authoritarian personality traits.  

For some background: Dean explained here that authoritarian leaders are typically dominating, oppose equality, desire personal power, and may be vengeful, dishonest, and manipulative in dealing with other people.  Authoritarian followers tend to be uncritical toward chosen authority figures, conventional, narrow-minded, and highly punitive. “Double High” refers to people who garner high scores on assessments of both authoritarian leader and authoritarian follower qualities.

Double Highs are endowed with a host of negative personality traits, and, it seems such traits, in Double Highs, are always present in excess.  For example, Double Highs are not merely prejudiced, they are doubly so.  Their orders are to be followed, but not by them.  They are not merely dogmatic, but defiantly insistent upon their dogmas.  They are not only manipulative of others, but talented at their manipulation.