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Remembering the Kohler Strike

On this day in 1934, two people were killed, 40 others were injured, and the National Guard occupied Kohler, Wisconsin.  Kohler Company workers were on strike to demand better hours, higher wages, and recognition of the American Federation of Labor as their collective bargaining agent.  The National Guard turned to tear gas, rifles, and shotguns to break up the strike, resulting in the deaths and injuries.

According to the Wisconsin Historical Society:

Owner Walter Kohler blamed Communists and outside agitators for the violence, while union leaders blamed Kohler exclusively.  Not settled until 1941, the strike marked the beginning of what was to become a prolonged struggle between the Kohler Company and organized labor in Wisconsin; a second Kohler strike lasted from 1954 to 1965.

Check out the original 1934 coverage in the Sheboygan Press here.

On The Huffington Post.

I’ve never been hugely into the Huffington Post, but I have read it and cited to it pretty consistently for several years.  During this time, I’ve come across all sorts of articles about Huffington Post stealing content.  It seemed anecdotal, at first…maybe some sort of unfortunate coincidence or something.  But over the past three years, the nonsense and hypocrisy have increased, reaching even weirder levels.  The whole AOL thing just feels odd.  I think I’ve finally decided I’ve just had enough

Besides, I’ve never been one to cross a picket line. 

A must watch.  A short, informative video about Dr. Martin Luther King and the Memphis Sanitation Strike of 1968.